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ImgNameLandscapeCostWeightFull WeightCapacity
Default in-game waggons
Railway Passenger Carriage TTemperate, Toyland1,447 £25t27.5t40 passengers
Railway Passenger CarriageArctic, Tropical1,447 £25t27.5t40 passengers
Railway Mail VanTemperate, Arctic, Tropical, Toyland1,335 £21t28.5t30 bags of mail
Railway Coal TruckTemperate, Arctic1,031 £18t48t30 tonnes of coal
Railway Oil TankerTemperate, Arctic, Tropical1,171 £24t54t30000 litres of oil
Railway Livestock VanTemperate, Arctic1,125 £20t24.7t25 items of livestock
Railway Goods VanTemperate, Arctic, Tropical1,113 £21t33.5t25 crates of goods
Railway Grain HopperTemperate1,066 £19t49t30 tonnes of grain
Railway Grain HopperArctic1,066 £19t49t30 tonnes of wheat
Railway Grain HopperTropical1,066 £19t49t30 tonnes of maize
Railway Wood TruckTemperate, Arctic1,060 £16t46t30 tonnes of wood
Railway Iron Ore HopperTemperate1,048 £19t49t30 tonnes of iron ore
Railway Steel TruckTemperate1,148 £18t38t20 tonnes of steel
Railway Armoured VanTemperate1,494 £30t32.5t20 bags of valuables
Railway Armoured VanArctic1,494 £30t32.5t20 bags of gold
Railway Armoured VanTropical1,494 £30t32.5t20 bags of diamonds
Railway Food VanArctic, Tropical1,119 £22t47t25 tonnes of food
Railway Paper TruckArctic1,148 £18t38t20 tonnes of paper
Railway Copper Ore HopperTropical1,048 £19t49t30 tonnes of copper ore
Railway Water TankerTropical1,166 £25t50t25000 litres of water
Railway Fruit TruckTropical1,066 £18t43t25 tonnes of fruit
Railway Rubber TruckTropical1,083 £19t40t21000 litres of rubber
Railway Suger TruckToyland1,031 £19t49t30 tonnes of sugar
Railway Candyfloss HopperToyland1,042 £20t50t30 tonnes of candyfloss
Railway Toffee HopperToyland1,125 £20t50t30 tonnes of toffee
Railway Bubble VanToyland1,113 £21t21.7t20 bubbles
Railway Cola TankerToyland1,066 £24t49t25000 litres of cola
Railway Sweet VanToyland1,060 £21t28.8t25 bags of sweets
Railway Toy VanToyland1,072 £21t23.5t20 toys
Railway Battery TruckToyland1,148 £18t23.5t22 batteries
Railway Fuzzy Drink TruckToyland1,130 £18t21.7t25 fuzzy drinks
Railway Plastic TruckToyland1,119 £18t48t30000 litres of plastic
Monorail Passenger CarriageTemperate, Arctic, Tropical, Toyland1,447 £25t27.8t45 passengers
Monorail Mail VanTemperate, Arctic, Tropical, Toyland1,335 £21t29.7t35 bags of mail
Monorail Coal TruckTemperate, Arctic1,031 £18t53t35 tonnes of coal
Monorail Oil TankerTemperate, Arctic, Tropical1,171 £24t59t35000 litres of oil
Monorail Livestock VanTemperate, Arctic1,125 £20t25.7t30 items of livestock
Monorail Goods VanTemperate, Arctic, Tropical1,113 £21t36t30 crates of goods
Monorail Grain HopperTemperate1,066 £19t54t35 tonnes of grain
Monorail Grain HopperArctic1,066 £19t54t35 tonnes of wheat
Monorail Grain HopperTropical1,066 £19t54t35 tonnes of maize
Monorail Wood TruckTemperate, Arctic1,060 £16t51t35 tonnes of wood
Monorail Iron Ore HopperTemperate1,048 £19t54t35 tonnes of iron ore
Monorail Steel TruckTemperate1,148 £18t43t25 tonnes of steel
Monorail Armoured VanTemperate1,494 £30t33.1t25 bags of valuables
Monorail Armoured VanArctic1,494 £30t33.1t25 bags of gold
Monorail Armoured VanTropical1,494 £30t33.1t25 bags of diamonds
Monorail Food VanArctic, Tropical1,119 £22t52t30 tonnes of food
Monorail Paper TruckArctic1,148 £18t43t25 tonnes of paper
Monorail Copper Ore HopperTropical1,048 £19t54t35 tonnes of copper ore
Monorail Water TankerTropical1,166 £25t55t30000 litres of water
Monorail Fruit TruckTropical1,066 £18t48t30 tonnes of fruit
Monorail Rubber TruckTropical1,083 £19t45t26000 litres of rubber
Monorail Suger TruckToyland1,031 £19t54t35 tonnes of sugar
Monorail Candyfloss HopperToyland1,042 £20t55t35 tonnes of candyfloss
Monorail Toffee HopperToyland1,125 £20t55t35 tonnes of toffee
Monorail Bubble VanToyland1,113 £21t21.9t25 bubbles
Monorail Cola TankerToyland1,066 £24t54t30000 litres of cola
Monorail Sweet VanToyland1,060 £21t30.3t30 bags of sweets
Monorail Toy VanToyland1,072 £21t24.1t25 toys
Monorail Battery TruckToyland1,148 £18t24.7t27 batteries
Monorail Fuzzy Drink TruckToyland1,130 £18t22.5t30 fuzzy drinks
Monorail Plastic TruckToyland1,119 £18t53t35000 litres of plastic
Maglev Passenger CarriageTemperate, Arctic, Tropical, Toyland1,447 £25t27.9t47 passengers
Maglev Mail VanTemperate, Arctic, Tropical, Toyland1,335 £21t30.2t37 bags of mail
Maglev Coal TruckTemperate, Arctic1,031 £18t55t37 tonnes of coal
Maglev Oil TankerTemperate, Arctic, Tropical1,171 £24t61t37000 litres of oil
Maglev Livestock VanTemperate, Arctic1,125 £20t26t32 items of livestock
Maglev Goods VanTemperate, Arctic, Tropical1,113 £21t37t32 crates of goods
Maglev Grain HopperTemperate1,066 £19t56t37 tonnes of grain
Maglev Grain HopperArctic1,066 £19t56t37 tonnes of wheat
Maglev Grain HopperTropical1,066 £19t56t37 tonnes of maize
Maglev Wood TruckTemperate, Arctic1,060 £16t53t37 tonnes of wood
Maglev Iron Ore HopperTemperate1,048 £19t56t37 tonnes of iron ore
Maglev Steel TruckTemperate1,148 £18t45t27 tonnes of steel
Maglev Armoured VanTemperate1,494 £30t33.3t27 bags of valuables
Maglev Armoured VanArctic1,494 £30t33.3t27 bags of gold
Maglev Armoured VanTropical1,494 £30t33.3t27 bags of diamonds
Maglev Food VanArctic, Tropical1,119 £22t54t32 tonnes of food
Maglev Paper TruckArctic1,148 £18t45t27 tonnes of paper
Maglev Copper Ore HopperTropical1,048 £19t56t37 tonnes of copper ore
Maglev Water TankerTropical1,166 £25t57t32000 litres of water
Maglev Fruit TruckTropical1,066 £18t50t32 tonnes of fruit
Maglev Rubber TruckTropical1,083 £19t47t28000 litres of rubber
Maglev Suger TruckToyland1,031 £19t56t37 tonnes of sugar
Maglev Candyfloss HopperToyland1,042 £20t57t37 tonnes of candyfloss
Maglev Toffee HopperToyland1,125 £20t57t37 tonnes of toffee
Maglev Bubble VanToyland1,113 £21t22t27 bubbles
Maglev Cola TankerToyland1,066 £24t56t32000 litres of cola
Maglev Sweet VanToyland1,060 £21t31t32 bags of sweets
Maglev Toy VanToyland1,072 £21t24.3t27 toys
Maglev Battery TruckToyland1,148 £18t25.2t29 batteries
Maglev Fuzzy Drink TruckToyland1,130 £18t22.8t32 fuzzy drinks
Maglev Plastic TruckToyland1,119 £18t55t37000 litres of plastic
Cargo set
Railway RefrigeratorTemperate1,277 £20t35t30 crates of goods
Railway Car TransporterTemperate1,201 £20t40t40 crates of goods
Railway Flat Bed Wagon (steel metal)Temperate1,148 £20t40t20 tonnes of steel
Railway Flat Bed Wagon (heavy load)Tropical1,160 £20t38t36 crates of goods
Railway Stake Wagon (plywood)Temperate, Tropical1,160 £20t38t36 crates of goods
Railway Container WagonTemperate, Arctic, Tropical1,154 £20t38t36 crates of goods
Railway Tanker (chemical products)Temperate, Arctic, Tropical1,318 £20t40t40 crates of goods
Railway Goods Wagon (sliding roof)Temperate, Arctic, Tropical1,171 £20t32t24 crates of goods
DBSet set
Railway TenderTemperate1,148 £20t20tN/A
Railway Passenger Carriage (local traffic)Temperate1,406 £20t22.5t40 passengers
Railway Mail Van (local traffic)Temperate1,318 £20t27.5t30 bags of mail
Railway Passenger Carriage (long-distance)Temperate1,488 £20t23.5t56 passengers
Railway Mail Van (long-distance)Temperate1,394 £20t29t36 bags of mail
Railway Armoured Van Temperate1,494 £30t32.5t20 bags of valuables
Maglev Transrapid Passenger CarriageTemperate1,446 £25t32.8t126 passengers
Maglev Transrapid Mail VanTemperate1,335 £21t33.5t50 bags of mail
Maglev Transrapid Goods VanTemperate1,112 £21t37t32 crates of goods
Maglev Transrapid Armoured VanTemperate1,494 £30t33.3t27 bags of valuables
Tropic set
Railway Tender (standard)Tropical1,494 £45t45tN/A
Railway Tender (condensing)Tropical1,494 £105t105tN/A
Railway Passenger Carriage {tropicset}Tropical1,447 £47t50.7t60 passengers
Railway Mail Van {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £41t56t60 bags of mail
Railway Oil Tanker {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £25t55t30000 litres of oil
Railway Goods Van {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £21t41t40 crates of goods
Railway Grain Hopper {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £22t52t30 tonnes of maize
Railway Wood Truck {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £15t45t30 tonnes of wood
Railway Armoured Van {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £30t32.5t20 bags of diamonds
Railway Food Van {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £24t54t30 tonnes of food
Railway Copper Ore Hopper {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £22t52t30 tonnes of copper ore
Railway Water Tanker {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £20t50t30000 litres of water
Railway Fruit Truck {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £18t48t30 tonnes of fruit
Railway Rubber Truck {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £22t52t30000 litres of rubber
Monorail Passenger Carriage {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £15t18.7t60 passengers
Monorail Mail Van {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £15t30t60 bags of mail
Monorail Oil Tanker {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £18t48t30000 litres of oil
Monorail Goods Van {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £15t35t40 crates of goods
Monorail Grain Hopper {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £13t43t30 tonnes of maize
Monorail Wood Truck {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £4t34t30 tonnes of wood
Monorail Armoured Van {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £18t20.5t20 bags of diamonds
Monorail Food Van {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £15t45t30 tonnes of food
Monorail Copper Ore Hopper {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £15t45t30 tonnes of copper ore
Monorail Water Tanker {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £15t45t30000 litres of water
Monorail Fruit Truck {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £15t45t30 tonnes of fruit
Monorail Rubber Truck {tropicset}Tropical1,494 £15t45t30000 litres of rubber
The DB set and Cargo set are by Michael Blunck
The Tropic set is by uzurpator (Adam Kadlubek), Poland
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