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Transport analysis

Comparison of the game transport characteristics transporting 90 units of cargo a month at a distance of 50 squares and a level difference of 0 levels. Max of results - 50 results, started from 1, 504 lines total
#ImageNameCostRunning costSpeedCapa­cityFull weightPowerDesig­nedLifeRating
1Setra S431DT18,374 £1,012 £/y185km/h89 tourists 34.00t480hp200625y37212.95
2Scania K124 Irizar PB11,812 £787 £/y201km/h55 tourists 24.75t660hp200925y31608.72
3Volvo 97007,874 £750 £/y170km/h62 tourists 30.50t420hp200221y31066.50
4Neoplan N122/3'Skyliner'18,374 £1,125 £/y120km/h77 tourists 35.00t520hp197917y31047.82
5Volvo FH16 Armoured Truck (Valuables)6,562 £862 £/y140km/h75 bags of valuables 19.25t610hp200016y29959.19
6Mercedes Tourismo O315RHD6,562 £675 £/y165km/h50 tourists 22.75t420hp199720y25869.47
7Spitzer Colani Goods Van9,843 £450 £/y186km/h96 crates of goods 54.00t560hp202516y25596.30
8Neoplan N138/4 'Jumbocruiser'20,342 £1,162 £/y120km/h144 tourists 50.00t440hp197517y25565.80
9Volvo FH16 Heavy Cargo6,562 £862 £/y140km/h94 crates of goods 57.00t610hp200016y25309.38
10Volvo FH16 Goods Van6,562 £862 £/y140km/h82 crates of goods 51.00t610hp200016y25267.07
11Volvo FH16 Containers Truck6,562 £862 £/y140km/h80 crates of goods 50.00t610hp200016y25120.38
12Volvo FH16 Heavy Cargo6,562 £862 £/y140km/h80 crates of goods 50.00t610hp200016y25120.38
13Volvo FH16 Chemicals Tanker6,562 £862 £/y140km/h89 crates of goods 54.50t610hp200016y25014.56
14Volvo FH16 Goods Van(Tarpaulin)6,562 £862 £/y140km/h78 crates of goods 49.00t610hp200016y24967.92
15Volvo FH16 Plywood Truck6,562 £862 £/y140km/h86 crates of goods 53.00t610hp200016y24824.77
16Volvo FH16 Armoured Truck (Gold)6,562 £862 £/y140km/h85 bags of gold 20.50t610hp200016y24041.39
17Volvo FH16 Armoured Truck (Diamonds)6,562 £862 £/y140km/h85 bags of diamonds 20.50t610hp200016y24041.39
18McTruck Heavy Cargo6,562 £1,105 £/y109km/h78 crates of goods 53.00t1162hp198717y22746.61
19Mack Goods Van8,733 £1,066 £/y241km/h60 crates of goods 38.00t2000hp203323y21760.25
20DAF Goods Van6,683 £902 £/y201km/h54 crates of goods 36.00t1600hp201922y21253.98
21McTruck Chemicals Tanker6,562 £1,105 £/y109km/h76 crates of goods 52.00t1162hp198717y20604.04
22Spitzer Colani Mail Truck9,843 £450 £/y186km/h99 bags of mail 30.75t560hp202516y19460.99
23Volvo FH16 Coal Truck6,562 £862 £/y140km/h60 tonnes of coal 70.00t610hp200016y19362.08
24Spitzer Colani Food Ref9,843 £450 £/y186km/h63 tonnes of food 69.00t560hp202516y19328.06
25McTruck Plywood Truck6,562 £1,105 £/y109km/h71 crates of goods 49.50t1162hp198717y19309.51
26McTruck Containers Truck6,562 £1,105 £/y109km/h66 crates of goods 47.00t1162hp198717y19088.76
27McTruck Goods Van6,562 £1,105 £/y109km/h68 crates of goods 48.00t1162hp198717y18962.13
28McTruck Heavy Cargo6,562 £1,105 £/y109km/h66 crates of goods 47.00t1162hp198717y18764.39
29Volvo FH16 Mail Truck6,562 £862 £/y140km/h85 bags of mail 31.25t610hp200016y18657.95
30Spitzer Colani Water Tanker9,843 £450 £/y186km/h69000 litres of water 75.00t560hp202516y18265.46
31McTruck Goods Van(Tarpaulin)6,562 £1,105 £/y109km/h65 crates of goods 46.50t1162hp198717y18135.54
32Volvo Goods Van4,674 £861 £/y160km/h50 crates of goods 36.00t820hp199420y17785.17
33Volvo FH16 Steel Truck6,562 £862 £/y140km/h60 tonnes of steel 70.00t610hp200016y17536.62
34Volvo FH16 Paper Truck6,562 £862 £/y140km/h60 tonnes of paper 70.00t610hp200016y16727.15
35Mack Mail Van8,733 £902 £/y241km/h70 bags of mail 25.50t1940hp203423y16724.55
36Volvo FH16 Iron Ore Truck6,562 £862 £/y140km/h60 tonnes of iron ore 70.00t610hp200016y16522.72
37DAF Mail Van6,683 £820 £/y201km/h65 bags of mail 25.20t1600hp201922y16512.54
38Peterbilt Wood Truck9,717 £1,312 £/y220km/h50 tonnes of wood 59.50t2500hp204324y16284.29
39ScaniaGA 4x2 Heavy Cargo5,578 £487 £/y91km/h65 crates of goods 44.75t380hp197615y16281.38
40Volvo Mail Van4,674 £779 £/y160km/h60 bags of mail 26.00t820hp199420y15962.00
41Volvo FH16 Livestock Truck6,562 £862 £/y140km/h71 items of livestock 23.25t610hp200016y15736.26
42Peterbilt Copper Ore Truck9,717 £1,312 £/y220km/h50 tonnes of copper ore 59.50t2500hp204324y15705.35
43Volvo FH16 Copper Ore Truck6,562 £862 £/y140km/h60 tonnes of copper ore 70.00t610hp200016y15670.91
44Volvo FH16 Water Tanker6,562 £862 £/y140km/h64000 litres of water 74.00t610hp200016y15577.11
45Volvo FH16 Food Ref6,562 £862 £/y140km/h55 tonnes of food 65.00t610hp200016y15514.87
46ScaniaDB 4x2 Armoured Truck (Valuables)5,578 £487 £/y91km/h52 bags of valuables 15.50t380hp197615y15470.83
47MCI 'MC-8'7,544 £713 £/y127km/h49 tourists 18.00t285hp197320y15429.03
48Renault Goods Van4,018 £820 £/y125km/h48 crates of goods 36.00t650hp197417y15131.94
49Peterbilt Water Tanker9,717 £1,312 £/y220km/h50000 litres of water 59.50t2500hp204324y15126.40
50Mercedes-Benz O30213,124 £375 £/y90km/h48 tourists 18.00t160hp196519y15021.90
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