Block signal
A signal, that indicates, if the way after it is free. Than it's green otherwise it's red
A part of the rail system near the station used for train's waiting before entering the station if all the station's platforms are in use
Circular way
A way system type with specified traffic direction in each part of the system. Connecting of a circular and some other way (may be a circular) is not a circular because of at least two directions at junction point
Catching type station
A station, that has a group of buffers behind the station to gather arriving trains if station is full and has no free platforms
Catching zone
A part of a catching station's rail system, which assures catching the trains
A block-signal signal after pre-signal, that makes a pre-signal green if an exit-signal is green
A part of the way, allowing a movement of trains only in a one direction in a time. Consists of one ore more tracks-blocks
A line-block between two lines, allowing trains to go from one line to an other
Main way
A way, which another way is connected to
One-way signal
A block-signal, that prevents trains movement in one of directions
One-way way
A way, that is blocked by one-way signal from the one of it's sides
A block-signal, that is green only if any of it's exit-signals is green
A pre-signal, that is also an exit-signal to some other pre-signal
A way from the catching zone of the catching station to the out-line of the station
Situation control depot
A depot on the line-changer, which is used to gather trains, that could not complete the way-changing operation for some reasons
A place of connection of a way to the other way
A continuous group of rail tracks between the signals
A group of locomotives and carriers at least of two and at maximum of ten elements, assembled in a consist or multiengine consist, that can go over railways without assistance
A place, there trains are loaded and unloaded
A continuous system of rail tracks between breakover point and an endpoint, allowing train movement from breakover point to the endpoint without turnings back
A way to the station
A way from the station
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