Circular Way

Before building a way, let us find the main requirements for it.
  1. Single breakdown can't block the way.
  2. In case of no breakdowns, two lines are granted.
Schema 9.1
Circular-way - the powerfullest rail system, that can be build. And at the same time one of the easiest. It uses the simplicity of the two-line way, but gives the better results, than three or four line ways. Such efficient production is achieved because of the simplicity of the system. Train comeing from A to C has only two choices - to stay on a line and to change it using a way-changer B. Or to pass a service id depot D. And there are no more choices.
The main character, that is important to remember, is that if a train creeps in the depot, circular does not allow him to return. That why a mandatory servicing have to be placed on circular.
There is only one problem with the circular - if you need both the directions to be near, they will take 11 squares width to be build. Other problems were not found yet.
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