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Site News for 2009

31 December 2009
Fixed wrong probability check with industry closure code. Var 18 was checked for word with shift 18, causing the high byte to be always 0, causing industries to close often.
27 December 2009
Banks are now houses. Banks graphics by Oz and Zimmlock included.
19 December 2009
Improved the industry code. First 3 month check happens in a different way.
13 December 2009
Drew car shop (inspired by car shop by MHz). Car shop has animation for cars behind the shop.
Car shop
06 December 2009
Drew new church - Vasakyrkan, Gothenburg.
Vasakyrkan, Gothenburg
ECS Water supply now supports snow.
Water supply snowed
28 November 2009
ECS beta 5 stoped, ECS beta 6 started.
Fixed a bug in high calculation.
ECS bank industry is disabled, it would become a house.
ECS Water supply provided.
Water supply
25 November 2009
Fixed a bug that made ECS always think that game settings are hard.
21 November 2009
General behaviour change parameters are ignored on hard game settings.
20 November 2009
Fixed some issues with endless mines code.
16 November 2009
Iron ore, coal, gold mines, lime quarries now prefer high lands, while oil wells, sand pits, brick works now prefer low lands.
15 November 2009
ECS Mines have ultimate capacity when endless mines parameter is set. Value is stored in the game while the mine is on the map.
14 November 2009
ECS industries display the stockpile size now. Also green text indicates accepting, red - no accepting the cargo.
07 November 2009
I made a number of tests to make the LV5 code that would prevent bending of RVs and at the same time to fit in default bounding boxes. I had to use 8 time more sprites for a cabin ... And I would like to say, that I've failed again. Tunnels problem, Bridge problem, Slope problem were solved, Hills problem was accepted (will not be solved, also solves the jump problem). New problems appeared - Sprites problem and sprite sorter problem.
Because of this, LV5 development is paused. Devs support is required.
03 November 2009
I've made the StarCraft map "Hell".
20 October 2009
Fixed ECS Agricultural vector. Fishing grounds were not working since r 17605 due mistake in its' code.
18 October 2009
Steyr 380
Drew Steyr 380 for LV set.
11 October 2009
Ref graphics for xUSSR set
Drew a ref for xUSSR train set.
Tatra 815
Drew Tatra 815 for LV set.
25 September 2009
Updated Steel mill
Coded new Steel mill sprites by Oz.
17 September 2009
All the StarCraft maps (Ice March II, Resources III, Slaughter II, The Orbit, Way of Xel'Naga III) were updated with some small cosmetic changes.
05 September 2009
"Have you seen resources"
I've completely redid the StarCraft map "Have you seen resources".
16 August 2009
"Way of Xel'Naga"
I've finished the StarCraft map "Way of Xel'Naga".
16 July 2009
I've decided to make a break and do something else. I have returned back to the things I did before TTD - StarCraft. I made several levels in 1998-th - 2000-th, some of them were left unfished. I've decided to finish them now.
13 July 2009
Tatra 111
Drew Tatra 111 for LV set.
27 June 2009
Korean and Slovak translation for ECS vectors available.
13 June 2009
Tatra 148
Drew Tatra 148 for LV set.
06 June 2009
ZiL 130
Drew ZiL 130 for LV set.
05 April 2009
Fixed acceptance bug in ECS Construction vector.
24 February 2008
The project is SEVEN years old. Congratulations!
15 January 2009
Small fixes in Czech translation for ECS vectors.
13 January 2009
Small fixes in Czech translation for ECS vectors.
12 January 2009
Czech translation for ECS vectors available.
09 January 2009
Fixed a glitch with printing works.
08 January 2009
Improved Power plant smoke animation.
07 January 2009
Sawmill now has wood trucks coming.
04 January 2009
Paper mill now has both paper and goods trucks coming, which selected according to the current year.
Forest no longer can double production if production level is above high.
02 January 2009
Changed fruit plantation code.
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