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Long vehicles. Navistar trucks

Navistar RDF-405

A 6x4 hauler. TTD power 220hp, max speed 75 km/h, introduced in 1957, life 20 years, cost 5 166 £ + refitting cost 380 £, running cost 486 £/year, weight 18 tons, reliability decay 20. Capacity base 40 crates, 30 tonnes, 32000 litres, loading amount base 12, 7, 10.
Navistar RDF-405
Navistar RDF-405
Supported semitrailers:

The cargo graphics are taken from the CargoSet and DB Set v0.6 for TTDPatch and are kindly provided by Michael Blunck.

The following text is by International®


MAX. GVW 40,000 LB. GCW 76,80O LB.
These dimensions in inches are the same for all wheelbases with 11-22.5 tires:
Tread7871 3/16
Road clearance9 5/89 7/8
Over-all width94 9/1695 1/2
Height, ground to top of frame, loaded38 1/838 1/2


*Wheelbase (WB)167179191215227239
Over-all length (OAL)244 1/2256 1/2268 1/2292 1/2304 1/2316 1/2
Back of cab to center line of rear axle (CA).728496120132144
Center line of rear axle to end of frame (AF)494949494949
Back of cab to end of frame (CF)121133145169181193
Bumper to center line of front axle(BA)28 1/2 28 1/228 1/228 1/228 1/228 1/2
Turning radius to center line of tires (ft.)303234384042
* Wheelbase measured to center line between rear axles.


AXLE, FRONT: Timken FE-900, 11,000-lb. capacity. Drop center, 4 x 3 9/16 x 17/32 in. I-beam, heat-treated steel drop forging, reverse Elliott type. Steering knuckles of drop-forged, heat-treated nickel chrome-alloy steel.
AXLE, REAR TANDEM: Timken SQHD lightweight tandem drive, 37,000-lb. capacity. Single reduction; through drive inter-axle differential with driver-controlled lock; 50-in. spring centers. Hendrickson rubber load cushion suspension with aluminum saddles. Ratio: 4.11, 4.44, 5.28, 6.17 or 6.82 to 1.
BRAKE, HAND: Ventilated disc, 16-in., 4-shoe, on propeller shaft.
BRAKES, SERVICE: 2-shoe, double-anchored, internal expanding, heavy-duty, air operated with slack adjusters on each wheel, 12 cu. ft. compressor, front wheel limiting valve, air reservoir pressure gauge and application air pressure gauge.
CAB: Heavy-duty Comfo-Vision cab, all steel construction with one-piece sweepsight windshield, safety glass throughout. Right and left-side sun visors, dual air-operated wind-shield wipers, bus type dual rear-view mirrors, ash tray, cigar lighter. Heavy-duty instruments including speedometer, tachometer, ammeter, reservoir air pressure gauge and application air pressure gauge, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, headlight beam indicator, parking brake light, B battery charging light.
CLUTCH: Spicer 14-in. two-plate, multiple lever type with clutch brake.
COOLING SYSTEM: Pump circulation, temperature controlled by automatic air-operated radiator shutters. Capacity, 44 qts.
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 12-volt, four 6-volt batteries. 24-volt starting motor. 50 amperes, 600-watt generator.
ENGINE: Cummins HRB-600 diesel, 6-cylinder, 5 1/8 in. bore x 6 in. stroke, 743 cu. in. displacement; maximum brake HP, 175 @ 1800 RPM. Maximum torque. 550 lb.-ft. @ 1300 RPM. PT fuel pump.
EQUIPMENT, STANDARD: Front bumper, automatic radiator shutters, license bracket, electric horn, dual tail lights, spare rim, jack.
FINISH: Frame, bumper and wheels, red; sheet metal and tank, choice of standard or optional IH colors.
FRAME: Heat treated chrome manganese steel channel, 9 7/8x 37/16 x 1/4 in.
FUEL TANK: Single 50-gallon lightweight steel, located outside of frame, right side.
PROPELLER SHAFT: Heavy steel tubing,dynamically balanced, 3 4-in. diameter, 13 gauge.
SPRINGS: Front: Semi-elliptic 4 x 48 in. with threaded pins and bushings. Rear: Rubber load cushions.
STEERING: Ross TE-71, roller bearing cam and twin lever type. Ratio 28 to 1. Steering wheel diameter 21 in.
TIRES: Front and dual rear, tubeless, 11-22.5, 12-ply.
TRANSMISSION: Fuller 5-C-72, five speeds forward, one reverse. Constant mesh in all forward gears. (Not furnished with diesel engines over 200 HP.)
Reductions: First, 7.33 to 1; second, 4.43 to 1; third, 2.62 to 1; fourth, 1.69 to 1; fifth, direct; reverse, 7.33 to 1.
UNIVERSAL JOINTS: Spicer No. 1700, needle bearing, antifriction type.
WHEELS: Cast spoke, 7.50 V rims.


AXLE, FRONT: 82F. 15.000-lb. capacity, requires power steering. Aluminum hubs for FE-900 axle.
AXLE, REAR TANDEM: The following arc rated at 37,000-lb. capacity and have 50-in. centers: (Aluminum hubs available for above Timken axles.) The following are rated at 34,000-lb. capacity, are restricted to 70,000-lb. GCW level operation and are not available with NT-6-B or higher ruled engines: Standard suspension available for all optional axles; aluminum beams also available (48-in. centers) except with 22-in. tires where chain clearance is necessary. Optional suspensions include Hendrickson steel spring type and Page 50-50 four-spring.
BRAKES: Trailer connections-semi or 4-wheel with hand control, breakaway valve, trailer hose kit.
CAB AND CAB EQUIPMENT: Sleeper cab. Space-saver cab. Illuminated signal arm, cab marker lights, heater and defroster, sliding rear window. Solex glass, Bostrom driver seat, heavy-duty windshield wipers, white plastic steering wheel. note: Mattresses are not furnished with sleeper cabs.
ENGINES: Aluminum covers for flywheel housing and gear case.
CumminsMAX. BHPR.P.M.
*Requires 15 1/2 -in. clutch, special transmission.
EQUIPMENT, OPTIONAL: Air horn, luberfiner. tachograph, directional turn signals, tow hooks, power steering, front shock absorbers.
CRAME: Heat-treated chrome manganese steel channel, 10 x 3 1/2 x 5/16 in. Aluminum alloy, depth 10 1/2 x 1/2 in., flange 3 1/4 x 13/16 in. or depth 10 1/8 x 3/8, flange 3 1/4 x 5/8
FUEL TANKS: 50-gal.. 70-gal., 100-gal., lightweight steel or aluminum, single or dual.
OIL COOLER: For HRB or HRFB engine. (Standard on other engines.)
SPRINGS: Front, heavy-duty.
TIRES: To size 12-24.5 tubeless or 11.00 x 22 with tubes.
5A11206.543.271 761.00.7446.49
High Range.6.543.081.761.00.7445.06
Low Range.8.594.042.311.31.9766.64
High Range2.732.101 .641 .271.003.18
Low Range9.657.435.804 .483.5411 .26
High Range2.101.641 .271 .00.783 .18
Low Range7.435.804.483 .542.7611 .26
Note: R96 and R960 not furnished with NRT.
AUXILIARY TRANSMISSION: Spicer 8031G, 8035G; reductions: 1.29, 1.00, .84. 8031C, 2.59, 1.00, .75. 8341A, 2.40, 1.29, 1.00, .84.
WHEELS: Budd disc, Budd high-tensile disc (NAX).
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