TTD Patch
TTD Patch is a great tool that no TTD fan can do without. It allows better transport network, fixes many bugs and allows TTD to be played on Windows XP. Many of its uses are explained throughout this site.
Transport Tycoon (Deluxe) Railway Design by Chris Doherty
Covers sections about signals, crossing, as well as mandatory servicing.
The Transport Tycoon Depository
This site contains helpful tips for playing Transport Tycoon (Deluxe). With a great emphasis on rail design, this site will help you turn your small, simple company into a huge, complex, efficient empire.
Transport Tycoon Semi-FAQ by James S. Baughn
This site has almost all the information about TT you'll ever need. I've spent many o' hour scrolling through its endless pages of info. Suits everyone from the expert to the first-timer.
constructiongames.de Transport Tycoon Deluxe by Burkhard Jahnen
The site present 'traditional' strategies in a new, well structured way, and some enhanced methods that should enable you to make your transport company even more profitable.
Owen's Transport Tycoon Station
Home of the TT Saved Game Manager, this site has handy bits and pieces such as a complete list of the vehicles, the music from the game, forums and more.
The Ultimate Transport Tycoon Repository
A place to download over 250 saved games, scenarios of both real and fictional places and other TT stuff. Biggest of its kind I've found on the 'net.
Tycoon Heaven
A great site for beginners, it features many tips about the finer points of the game. Also a great guide on making scenarios.
Oliver Keating's Transport Tycoon Deluxe Site
An older site that hasn't been updated in a while, but most of the content is still relevant and helpful. Try 'A railway building guide' and 'TTD and rail vehicles'
Transport Tycoon.co.uk
Includes a forum, downloads of TT Original and both versions of TTD and some handy tips.
The frequently-holy Church of Transport Tycoon
Tips, tricks, vehicles heroes, top production undustries, AI stupidity.
Transport Tycoon Deluxe Pages by Paul van Eijden
A subsection at this site is 'Mike Metcalf's Strategy Guide', the most important part of the former website by Mike Metcalf.
Phil McCrum's Transport Tycoon Deluxe pag (now Astral Wizard)
Cecilie Irgens' TT Hints pages
Covers many aspects of TTD. Mainly about the classic version, but worth a visit!
Transport Tycoon official forum
The place, where lots of people discuss Transport Tycoon, suggest improvements, discuss graphics creation, exchange with saves and so on.
Purno's site
Some very nice tutorials on creating new graphics.
Transport Tycoon Extreme
A Transport Tycoon (Deluxe) resource with articles, files and features on this great game.
TTDX Railway Guide
Guide with using PBS samples