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Tutorial. Drawing new graphics. Making textures

Step 1. The base

Having the specification sizes (Dimension: Length 11162mm, Width 2450mm, Height 3376mm) and selected scale ration (3.3 in case of long vehicles), we got the blank base box for drawing textures. The box hase the size of 37px x 8px x 11px
Now we need some prototypes for textures. The good solution is to have side photos of the object, you are currently drawing. I usually use both side views, front and rare view, and some diagonal views for better filling of the proportion.

Step 2. Side views

The second step is place main allocation objects, which will be used to allocate other objects. Usually, I use wheels and doors for this aim. For good allocation of the base objects I use the following method:
  1. select the good photo for the side, I'm drawing
  2. calculate the aspect ratio between the base box and photo. Here, the ratio of 0.0984, because 37px (the base box length) divide 376px (the photo length)
  3. the location of any object can be calculated from the photo's object's position by multiplied to the ratio. Here, the door ends at 3.5 pixels from the front, because 36px multiplied by 0.0984
The same way I calculate all the required positions and get the first iterating.
After that I draw all the side views, depending on the positions of the default objects.

Step 3. Diagonal views

When I made all the side views, I start to draw diagonal views. If you have a box style object, for example, a bus, you can use a little automation to save your time.
Do not use this way for rounded objects. For example, it did not work with Spitzer Colani
The batch cuts and moves parts with specific diagonal ratio. I have an easy one of 1.5, but the script can be made for any one. The macros gives prototypes for side parts of diagonal view. Because of the ratio of 1.5, there are only 3 basic prototypes can be generated. Then I have to select the best one.
After that I compile the parts and fix the place of their connection.

Step 4. Adding roof

The next step is adding the roof.

Step 5. The blank is done. Need shading now

Home · Graphics tutorial · Making textures